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29 Chicken Farm Name Ideas

One of the things I am looking most forward to with the farmhouse is having chickens again. Choosing your chicken farm name is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly!

I think there are a few different ways to approach naming your chicken farmhouse. Do you want a funny name? A play on words? An elegant name? Let’s look at some chicken farm name ideas.

Play On Words Chicken Farm Name Ideas

1. Chicken Run Ranch

When I was in my late teens the movie Chicken Run came out. I remember clearly visiting Universal Studios to check it out. The whole premise behind the movie was that the chickens were trying to escape the farm! While I hope your chickens don’t escape, this is still a cute name for a chicken farm. Just remember, you probably can’t use it for your chicken business though.

2. Over Easy Acres

Eggs over easy, that’s how I like them! This could be Over Easy Farm too. This is an especially cute name for a local egg farm if the name is available for use!

3. The Chick Inn

How cute for a bed n breakfast with it’s own little flock. Name your homestead this or just your chicken coop. Whichever you decide it is super cute!

4. Egg Palace

Eggs galore! That’s my hope for you and your chicken farm. Do you like to make sure everything is always neat and tidy? Do your chickens live in the lap of luxury? If so then Egg Palace might be a good name for your farm!

5. Chicken Chateau

Another great bed and breakfast name. The Chicken Chateau. Even if you don’t host outside guests, you do host chickens!

6. Chicks R Us

Do you plan on offering baby chicks or hatching eggs for sale? If so maybe Chicks R Us is a cute play on words for your chicken operation.

Feeding Chicken

7. The Kings Roost

Are you a guy who loves his chickens? I appreciate that men often love their chickens just as much as we ladies do. Name your farm “The Kings Roost” and everyone will know where you settle your feathers!

8. The Queens Roost

The king can’t have all the fun. Just as with above, “The Queens Roost” is a name meant for the ladies!

9. Happy Feathers Ranch

All I can think about when I read this name is that song “Everybody Clap Your Hands” by Joshua’s Troop. If you are here looking for names for your chicken farm I can bet your chickens are happy!

10. Crazy Feathers Ranch

Are you the crazy chicken lady? Does your family look at you side eyed when you are excited to show them the new chicken saddles you got in? Play on their sentiments and call your chicken farm “Crazy Feathers Ranch”. Don’t forget, if you like “farm” better that works too!

11. Butt Nugget Bunker

Are you a prepper, in the military or just love to see the look on people’s face when they can’t comprehend what you just said? Butt Nugget Bunker may be the perfect name for your chicken farm! Trust me, it could look real classy on a business card. I bet you have already started thinking of logo ideas.

12. Egg Drop Inn

Eggs are dropping in! In your brownies, in your cakes and in your frying pan. They probably taste mighty good too since they are farm fresh.

13. Well Laid Farms

Do you and your partner have a great sense of humor? Looking for a chicken farm name that is bound to get a few raised eyebrows and just as many chuckles? This one is might be the name for you!

14. Golden Egg Ranch

The goose may have laid the golden egg but let your friends know where they can get their own. Golden Egg Farms or Golden Egg Ranch…where hopefully you will sell so many eggs your chickens might as well be gold!

Chicken and Eggs

15. Golden Treasure Ranch

So it may not technically be a box but, boxes aren’t necessarily square. This one is named after the following riddle. Have you heard it?

A box without hinges, key or lid, Yet inside a golden treasure is hid.

The answer is an egg!

16. Broken Egg Ranch

We’re going to hope the only broken eggs on your chicken farm are the ones being cracked into a pan. This name goes equally well with “farm”, “ranch” or “acres” at the end.

17. One Cluck Hill

One Tree Hill is a popular television show but you don’t need a single tree for this name! One cluck, Two clucks, you could totally change how many clucks!

18. Sunny Side Up Farms

I’m an over medium girl myself but “Sunny Side Up Farms” makes a great name for a chicken ranch. Especially if your in the sunshine state! Florida people, this is you.

19. Lucky Clucker Farms

Are your hens lucky they ended up on your farm and not at a processing plant? Do they live in the lap of luxury? If so, let people know you are proudly “Lucky Clucker Farms”.

20. Un-cluckable Ranch

Undeniably unbreakable! Wait…maybe your chickens are so wild they are untouchable! Perhaps they are friendly as can be. Whatever the case, what do you think of calling your ranch “Uncluckable”.

21. Curly Feather Farms

My one and only frizzle was a large fowl rooster. I got him from a veterinarian friend who had one too many roosters. He was big and friendly and oh so curly. Curly Feather Farms would be a great name if you have large fowl or bantam frizzles. It could also be a great name for those of you that raise sizzles too!

White Chicken

French Chicken Farm Name Ideas

22. Chateau de poulet (chicken castle)

Don’t you just love the way french words roll of your tongue. If you consider your home your castle your chickens probably do too!

23. Chateau De Cochin(Cochin Castle)

If you raise a specific type of chicken, see if it is possible to append it to the name. Of course, I do realize this is implying that there is a chicken owner out there that owns only one variety…I know..silly me. What was I thinking?

24. Palais de poule (chicken palace)

25. Palais de poussins (chick palace)

26. Palais des oeufs (egg palace)

The three names above use the word palace instead of castle. Still a great option!

27. Chalet De Poulet (Chicken Cottage)

The french word for cottage is Chalet, yet another beautiful chicken farm name that rolls right off the tongue.

Chicken Farm Names with Your Name

Look at ways to add your first or last name to your farm name to mix things up!

28. [Smith] Egg Plant

29. Farmer [Bob’s] Fancy Farm

Chicken Farm Names Based on Variety

My favorite chickens to raise were the blue laced red Wyandottes and the buff Brahmas. If you are only going to raise one variety, you could incorporate some aspect of that variety into your farm name as well like Curly Feathers Farms if you raise frizzles.

Mother and Baby Ducks

Things to Consider When Naming Your Chicken Farm

Some things to consider when naming your chicken farm is whether or not you will always do just chickens. Is there any chance you might want to add turkeys or guineas? I personally loved having at least one turkey on my ranch. Maybe you will want geese or ducks. If so, choose a name that will encompass all of them.

Most of the names above can be customized. Change farm to ranch or Chateau to Palace. The choice is yours. You could also add in your city, county or state to your chicken farm name.

White Chicks

Things To Consider When Choosing a Chicken Farm Name for Your Egg Business

Are you getting chickens just to have enough eggs on hand to feed your family or do you want to use your chickens as a way to add extra income? If you do plan on making some money off your chickens, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Is the name taken by another actual business? Naming your chicken farm for fun is different than naming it for commercial purposes.
  • If you will have a website, will it be easy to type in? The French names are cute but they may not be the best choice for an actual chicken or egg business; unless you live in France.
  • Is the .com Available? It’s really nice to be able to have [] for your customers to visit.