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15 Breeds of Chicken with Crazy Hair

Chickens are unique animals that are fun to watch and fun to raise. Most chickens look relatively the same, apart from color variations, however, there are some chickens that are noticeably different from the rest.

The following chickens sport some unique looks and honestly have some extremely funny hair, which is actually just different kinds of feathers. Their unique looks make these chickens even more fun to watch run around in your backyard coop. Learn more about these funny looking chickens and you may find yourself looking for some of them to add to your own flock.

Appenzeller Spitzhauben

The appenzeller chicken breed is a Switzerland native that sparked two different varieties. The Spitzhauben variety is the one that has a more unique appearance.

They come in a few different color variations and their bodies look relatively similar to other chickens, however, the hair on their heads is what sets them apart. They have a large feathered V-comb on top of their heads.

It looks like a mop or kind of like the chicken has been electrocuted but fear not! This is normal and the chicken is just fine! They are just a little comical to look at.


araucana 5 months old

This chicken originated in Chile and are actually very rare to find in America. They have a 75% chance of survival when bred and because of that, there are just not that many full-blooded Araucana’s in the United States.

More often than not, if someone says a chicken is an Araucana, they probably are mistaken. Many birds people claim to be Araucanas are actually Easter Eggers.

True Araucana chickens are even more unique in the way that they look. They do not have any tail feathers like many chickens have, which make them look very different.

They also have a 50% chance of having ear tufts, which are feathered protrusions on each side of their faces. The ear tufts, along with the missing tail feathers, making them a truly funny looking character.


This unique looking breed of chickens was first discovered in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is a relatively small-sized chicken that also has a wild-looking V-shaped crest of feathers on the very top of their heads.

The extra feathers on their noggins make them perfect for surviving cold winters and harsher climates. It helps prevent them from freezing or getting too cold. Nonetheless, it still makes them look silly, but awfully cute.


cochin chicken

The Cochin chicken originated in China but it is very popular in the United States. They can get up to 10 pounds and they tend to have very calm demeanors. They look like your average chicken apart from one thing, they are super fluffy!

They have a large number of feathers on their bodies, way more than the average chicken, which makes them look extra cute and funny looking! They make excellent members of any flock and tend to be the broodiest chickens in the coop! If you are looking for a super fluffy chicken, look no further.  


This breed originated in France and derives its name from a town located in Normandy. While the Crevecoeur tends to be super popular in its native country, it is not very popular outside of France, but it should be!

They are very funny looking chickens and they have a wild-looking crest on their heads like the Brabanter. They are solid black and have moderate-sized bodies as well as calm demeanors.

Easter Eggers

easter egger chicken

An Easter Egger chicken is not a specific breed of chicken. The term Easter Egger is a name that applies to all chickens that lay blue eggs but are not a purebred chicken nor a recognized hybrid breed.

The specific mixture of breeds is not important, only that one possesses the blue egg gene. They make this list because they typically have ear tufts or muffs, which are feathered skin protrusions on the sides of their heads that give them a uniquely comical look.

This is because they are most often kin to the Ameraucana or Araucana breed of chickens that tend to possess these features.


frizzle chicken breed

You may be surprised to learn that a frizzle is not technically a breed of chicken but it is actually a reference to their cute and curly feathers. They can be found in a variety of breeds including Polish and Cochins as well as Silkies.

Although they appear to be super fuzzy, their feathers are actually rather thin and do not help in keeping a frizzle chicken warm in cold temperatures.

heir thin feathers also prevent them from flying like other chickens and cause them to have more difficulty reaching higher levels as well as roosting poles.


Originating in the country of France, the Houdan chicken has a very visually appealing look. They have a large, fluffy crest on top of their heads, and they have black feathers with white ones intertwined.

They tend to be very funny looking chickens and it doesn’t stop there. Houdan chickens have 5 toes! Normal chickens have only 4 toes, so that makes this breed even more unique looking.


While many of the chickens on this list have funny looking feathers atop their heads, the Onagadori stands apart from the flock with their exceptionally long tails.

These gorgeous, abnormally long tails grow continuously and can get as long as 27 feet! Most owners provide this breed with perches that they can stand on and let their tails flow freely.

They are not only funny looking when compared to other chickens, but they are also fascinatingly gorgeous as well.


Touted as the oldest known breed of chicken in Russia, the Pavlovskaya chicken has some very funny looking hair, or feathers to be exact. These chickens are very rarely seen outside of their native country, but they do feature a number of unique feathering characteristics.

They have a wild-looking mop of feathers on top of their head along with a beard, muffs, and adorable feathers adorning their cute little feet.


polish chicken close up

This adorable breed of chickens sports an almost comical crest of feathers covering its heads. The feathers are so wild then tend to block the chicken’s line of vision at times.

The Polish breed is pretty popular in America although they do tend to be a little shy. They are bred mostly for their appealing appearance and come in a variety of colors. Many backyard Polish chicken owners keep them for their ornamental appeal over their ability to lay eggs.


white silkie chicken

Silkies are super cute furry little chickens that will steal your heart with just one look. They are sweet and calm chickens that have extra fluffy and fuzzy feathers. It almost looks like someone has brushed their curly hair and now it is just one big puff of cuteness!

Their feathers cover their entire bodies, including their head and feet. Their small size along with their charming looks make them probably the most funny-looking and adorable chickens on this list.


If you think silkies are cute little creatures, get ready for the Sultan. They originate from Turkey and beware, they have some extremely funny looking hair!

They have a large fluffy ball of feathers on their heads along with cute muffs of feathers and feathered feet! They are ridiculously adorable and have amazingly friendly personalities.


This extremely rare chicken comes from Germany and they are undeniably funny looking. Their fluffy beards and muffs make them look super friendly and fun, which they are!

They are said to be excellent additions to any flock and they love roaming around, foraging for their food. They prefer not to be cooped up, so if you let your chickens free-range, then the Thuringian might be perfect for you.


The Yokohama breed of chicken is very similar in appearance to the Onagadori chicken. They are magnificently beautiful creatures, but their unique-looking tails help them make our list of chickens with funny hair.

Their tails can grow as long as 4 feet, nowhere near the length of the Onagadori, but just as striking nonetheless. They pack the same gorgeous appearance as the Onagadori, but they do not require the same amount of maintenance.

Final Thoughts

It is always fun to sit and watch our adorable chickens run around and interact with one another. Luckily, there are some extremely cute chickens out there that thankfully have some funny looking feathers. Just think, you could have some of these lovable, funny looking chickens in your coop if you want!



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