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What to Name Your Egg Farm – 37+ Ideas to Get You Started

Chicken owners around the world can tell you about chicken math. Chances are, if you have ever owned a chicken, you already know what I am talking about.

You see, the thing with chickens is, they are so cheap to buy (relatively), easy to care for and fun to have around. Unlike other pets, they are useful too!

farmer holding egg

Once they are old enough hens start producing eggs, sometimes one a day per hen. At some point, you may experience the effects of chicken math.

Chicken Math

What is chicken math? Chicken math is the process by which chicken owners count their chickens that defies all standard mathematical principles.

In the “normal” world, 1 + 1 = 2. With chicken math, if you go to the feed store to buy two chicks 1 + 1 = at least 4 or 5. Sometimes 10 if there is a good deal.

Whether you buy chicks or chickens, eventually most of your chicken population is going to wind up producing eggs. The number of eggs produced will quickly exceed what you can eat at home.

tiny newborn chick on top of egg

This is where most creative chicken owners decide to start an egg farm. You see, everybody wants to know their food comes from happy, well cared for farm animals.

Whether you are a meat-eater or lacto ovo vegetarian, fresh eggs from a local chicken farmer are much better than those you find mass-produced in a grocery store. It feels good to support community members.

If you want to start offering eggs, you’ll need to come up with a name for your egg farm. To help get your creative juices flowing, I’ve gathered some great ideas from around the web for you!

eggs on old basket

Egg Farm Names

If you haven’t done so already, check out my posts on how to pick a farm name. I’ve got lots of strategies there and over 60 ideas to get you started.

In fact, if you sell chicken eggs, chicks and pullets, you can just use a generic chicken farm name instead of something that is more specific to an egg farm.

But you came here for egg farm names so let’s get you started!

  • Johnson’s Fresh Eggs
  • Smith’s Free Range Eggs
  • Jaime’s Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Smith’s Country Fresh Eggs
  • Johnson Family Raised Eggs
  • Allison’s Egg Basket
  • Bert’s Best Eggs
  • Gordon’s Grass-Fed Eggs
  • Golden Valley Eggs
  • Griffith’s Egg Market

Funny Egg Farm Names

  • Yolk Folk
  • Crazy Eggs (especially cool if you have a mixture of layer colors)
  • Cluck and Crack
  • Eggstra Fresh Eggs
  • Just Yolking
  • Country Eggspress
  • Truely Eggstatic
  • Polk Farms – (Slogan: The Egg Folk)
  • Break An Egg
  • Kernel’s Corner

Catchy Egg Farm Names

  • Eggcetera
  • Egg-ceptional Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Eggstraordinary Eggs
  • Sunny Side-Up Farm
  • Lay A Egg
eggs in container

Coming Up With a Slogan for Your Egg Farm

A slogan is, of course, different from your name. It’s like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Everyone knows they are “Finger Lickin Good”.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is their business name and Finger Lickin Good is their slogan.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a slogan. A business name or farm name will absolutely be sufficient. A slogan is typically a catchy phrase to help people remember you.

Some of the egg farm names above are listed here again as slogans because they could work either way!

  • Eggs for Less
  • The Never-Ending Egg Factory
  • Cluck and Crack
  • Eggstra Fresh Eggs
  • Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Eggspect Excellence
  • Freshly Laid
  • Straight from the hen’s hut.
  • Laid Daily
  • Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets
  • Yummy on the Inside
  • Breakfast in Waiting
eggs in a bag

Keeping It Legal

When starting and naming any business, including an egg farm, you’ll want to make sure you check your local regulations for registering the name if need be. In many areas, you’ll have to file some sort of paperwork to keep things on the up and up.

In addition, you will want to check local regulations regarding the sale of eggs. Eggs are food and, because of that, there are often regulations that must be followed as far as how they are handled and stored. You may even need a special permit or license to sell them.

If you are selling hatching eggs, those may have an entirely different set of regulations. It is always best to look into what you need to keep your business on the up and up BEFORE you get started.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your egg farm is a fun and exciting step towards the process of helping your chickens pay for themselves or even, provide a little extra income for your family.

Ultimately, if you offer a good quality product with great customer service, the name won’t matter as much as your reputation. Egg businesses tend to be local so be sure to maintain ties to your community and word of mouth will spread quickly enough.

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