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How to Pet a Goat

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It’s pleasant when a random goat allows you to pet it. Petting animals is soothing, so pat them whenever you can.

To ensure that you and the goat you want to pet are safe, learn how and where to pet it, so you do not startle it.

Continue reading this article to learn how to pet a goat and increase your bond.

Farmer working at a small organic dairy farm with their goats

1. Always Ask for Permission First

First of all, ask for permission.

Asking for permission from the owner of the goat is not just the right thing to do, it can also keep you and the goat safe.

If you visit a farm, there is a high chance there are goats of different temperaments within a herd.

You need to ask the owner for permission so that the owner can tell you which goats you can pet and which ones you shouldn’t pet.

The owner can also give you some essential petting tips to help you bond quickly with the goat.

2. Do Not Startle the Goat

No matter how you choose to pet a random goat or one that you just met, do not startle the goat. Surprise attacks or noise can disturb the goats, and you do not know how the goat will react.

Always reach for the goat calmly and give it a soothing touch. Do not pet the goat too hard.

3. If Possible, Maintain Eye Contact

Girl and a goat on the farm

Maintaining eye contact can help the goat to feel relaxed and know you are about to pet it. Also, maintaining eye contact will help you know when the goat is tired of you patting its back or head.

Maintaining eye contact will help you in these cases:

  • Before petting the goat: In this case, you will know whether the goat wants you to pet it.
  • While petting the goat: If the goat is losing interest, you will know as long as you look at it.

So long as the goat can see you and is not startled, you can pet it without problems. This is one reason you do not want to surprise the goat or pet it from behind.

4. Pet in the Right Spots

Goats enjoy being rubbed or patted on their head. They also love it when you gently scratch their lower necks. You can rub their backs as well.

However, please do not get carried away and pet them in spots such as their tummy, tails, legs, etc. Only pet the open and non-sensitive parts of the goat so that it can stay comfortable.

Young happy woman with her goat

5. Pet the Goat Properly

Do not lift the goat. Only carry a goat when it is a kid and when necessary. If you are petting a mature goat, leave its legs on the ground and do not raise its tummy.

Also, know when to stop. Do not force the goat to stay if it is losing interest. Just let it go.

Some Extra Tips for Petting Goats

You now know how to pet a goat. However, you still need some extra tips to keep you and the goat safe and help you bond faster with it. Some additional tips for petting goats are:

1. Do Not Get Carried Away

Happy young girl hugging black goat

Take a look at the goat. It will mostly give you signs when it is tired of you petting it. For example, it may back up or force itself away from you.

Do not continue petting it if you see any of these signs or feel the goat has lost interest. Instead, leave it alone and wait for another chance (maybe another day).

2. Give the Goat Some Treats

Child feeds two goat from a paper bag at the faem

Treats work wonders, as they will attract a lot of goats to you. However, always ask for permission before you give a goat any treats.

As a tip, do not give too many treats to a goat. Give the goat as little as you can if the treat is sugary.

Some examples of treats you can give goats are fruits, vegetables, and crunchy leaves.

3. Pet the Goat Whenever You See It

Little girl feeding petting goats on the farm

If you want to bond faster with a goat, always pet it whenever you see it.

This will help it to know you as the person that always pets it or gives it some treats.

Remember to always ask for permission first from the owner before petting the goat. It is the right thing to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

People just like you who are interested in petting goats ask these questions:

1. Can You Pet Horned Goats?

The presence or absence of horns in goats is not the major thing to consider when choosing to pet a goat. The breed or temperament is everything that matters.

For example, Boer goats are horned, but they are one of the most docile breeds of goats. These goats are friendly and motherly; you can leave them with your kids.

However, the Madurai goat is horned, but you do not want to startle it because it is pretty aggressive.

This means that whether a goat is horned or not, consider its temperament because that is what truly matters.

If you happen to see a docile goat with horns, do not grab it by its horns. Instead, pet their heads and other regions and leave their horns alone.

2. How Can You Get Goats to Trust You?

Some tips to get goats to trust you are:

Use nice words: Use soothing words when you are with the goat. Express love with your words.
Give them treats: If you have treats, give them to the goats. Remember to ask for permission from the owner first.
Always pet them: Whenever you see your goat of interest, do not fail to pet it. Even if you cannot pet it at that time, just call its name or do something that can attract it to you.

Note that this does not happen at once. You need time before a goat will bond with you.

3. How Can You Tell That a Goat Trusts You?

You can tell that a goat trusts you when you see these signs in the goat:

It loves your company: How enthusiastic is the goat when it is around you? If it follows you around or just loves being around you, it trusts you.
It wants to play with you: If a goat wants to play with you, the goat has a lot of trust in you. Goats do not quickly play with people, and they need time to become comfortable with this.
It gives you a soulful gaze: Sometimes you may see the goat staring at you. While this is fearful, a goat will only stare at you soulfully when it is comfortable around you and trusts you.

When you see these signs, congratulate yourself, as you have bonded with the goat.

White domestic farm goat on the lawn with teenage girl

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you now know how to stay safe when petting goats.

Of course, the first thing to do is to ask for permission from the owner of the goat. If you have treats, give them to the goat so that you can bond faster with it.