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What to Do with Leftover Alfredo Sauce?

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What should you do with the alfredo sauce that you don’t use? Throwing it away doesn’t seem like the best answer, but how long can leftover sauce last in the fridge?

Adding alfredo sauce into soups and other sauces is a fantastic way to make things creamier for your meals the next day. Freezing alfredo sauce is another great option for people who want to save it for the next time they make pasta.

Bowl of alfredo

Depending on how many people you’re cooking for, it can be hard to go through an entire can of alfredo sauce in a single meal.

It can also be hard to gauge how much you should make when you’re making alfredo sauce from scratch. Typically, people end up with extra and struggle with what to do with it.

Here are some easy ways to store your sauce and get more out of a single portion of alfredo.

Freezing Leftover Alfredo Sauce

Freezing is a perfect solution for tons of leftover sauces. When you freeze the sauce, it increases its shelf-life.

You can keep it in your freezer for weeks or months until you’re in the mood for some pasta alfredo again.

Alfredo is generally a heavier sauce than margherita sauce, so most people only eat it once in a while.

When you open a jar or make it in a pan, you’re usually left with a small amount of sauce that gets thrown out.

Freezing saves you money and ensures that you have some sauce on hand for pasta or to drop in a soup to make it richer.

You can either pour the extras into a Tupperware container or use an ice tray to make smaller portions of alfredo.

The ice cube-sized pieces of alfredo are ideal for single servings of soup and for when you only need to make pasta for one person.

For example, you can make some noodles for work and drop a single cube of alfredo sauce into the pasta.

By the time you’re ready to eat at work, it will have melted and coated your pasta in delicious alfredo sauce!

Homemade Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Make Pizza!

Another great option is to make pizza with your leftover alfredo sauce.

While it’s a heavier sauce, it can taste fantastic when spread thinly over some crust with veggies and chicken.

People use it to make white pizzas, and alfredo sauce goes perfectly with garlic, roasted peppers, chilis, and a host of other pizza ingredients.

When you use alfredo sauce instead of pizza sauce, you also avoid having another half-portion of sauce in a jar.

Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s sell ready-to-cook pizza dough that can save you a ton of time.

Just run to the store, grab some dough the day after you make pasta alfredo, and use the leftover sauce to make some incredible pizzas.

Marinate Meat with Alfredo Sauce

Close up of grilled chicken breast under the alfredo sauce.

A lot of people don’t know this, but cooks have been using alfredo sauce to marinate meat for decades.

Alfredo is a rich sauce full of flavor, and soaking beef or chicken in alfredo before the meat hits the grill or goes into the oven is a terrific way to transfer some of that flavor into the meat.

In large, sealed plastic bags, put your protein and the leftover alfredo sauce, and stick the bags in the fridge overnight until your next meal.

The meat can marinate for a couple of days before you start worrying about it going bad.

Take it out and plop it on the grill or bake it in the oven to get a fantastic chicken breast or meat skewers for you and some friends.

Vegetables, cauliflower and broccoli, with Alfredo sauce and bread crumbs close up on kitchen table

Roasted Veggies in Alfredo Sauce

If you’re looking for something healthier, you can always roast some fresh vegetables in leftover alfredo sauce.

Vegetables taste amazing when coated with that salty, creamy sauce, and you and any kids in the room will love the broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and whatever else you’re serving.

Ideally, you’ll cook the vegetables on their own until they’re about halfway done. Then, you can add the leftover alfredo sauce to the frying pan or the casserole in the oven.

Cook the vegetables the rest of the way without burning the sauce, and you’ve got yourself a delicious veggie dish everyone will love.

Homemade pasta bake with cheese, pesto and tomato sauce

Pasta Bake

What if you have leftover alfredo sauce and a good amount of leftover noodles? People throw away extra pasta all the time when they should be saving it the same as their sauces.

The thought of having the same thing two days in a row isn’t a big deal for some people, but others prefer not to eat leftovers the next day.

You can, however, change the presentation to make it a different meal. Making a penne alfredo casserole is a great example.

You can chop up meatballs, and put in other types of cheese like mozzarella, parmesan, etc., to change the flavor.

Baking the pasta and alfredo sauce for a while longer will give it a nice crunchy texture different from the pasta you had the night before.

Also, making the casserole to take to work or as a dish to bring to a dinner party is a beautiful way to manage leftovers without eating everything by yourself.

Alfredo sauce in pan

How Do You Know if Alfredo Sauce is Bad?

Alfredo sauce has a lot of cream in it, so it’s typically pretty easy to tell when it goes bad. You’ll notice a sour smell when it turns, and that’s telling you that the sauce is past its prime.

Never eat or cook with bad alfredo sauce. You and anyone else who eats what you make could get sick.

The same goes for alfredo sauce that looks clumpy or has a lot of water floating around on top of the sauce. If the sauce splits or has chunks, the sauce should go into the trash can.

Of course, another way to know if your sauce is bad is when you taste it. If the sauce tastes off, you know it is past its prime and should be tossed out.


You have lots of different options with leftover alfredo sauce. This yummy, creamy sauce is very versatile. Choose one and enjoy!