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9 Types of Quilt Hangers and How They Work

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If you have a beautiful quilt, you can make sure it is displayed using the best racks and stands. There are many types of quilt racks to match your home, style, and quilts.

Below, you will find 9 great racks that you can use to display your quilt without damaging it in the process.

Quilt TypeHanging Location
Compression quilt rackWall
Shelf-and-rod rackWall
Ladder rackLeaning on a wall
Pole standFree-standing
Fan standWall
Arm rackWall
ClipHanging on a wall or another surface
Mini rackHanging on a wall or another surface
Doll rackHanging on a wall or another surface  

Compression Quilt Racks

A compression quilt rack is one of the most formal rack types you can select. It is perfect for putting your quilt on display without damaging it in any way. Individuals with heirloom quilts often opt for compression quilt racks as a result.

How it works is that two pieces of wood are selected. The top of the quilt is placed in between these two boards. Then, the boards are nailed together so that they compress the top of the quilt in place.

Don’t worry, the nail does not go through the quilt. Hang the compression quilt rack on the wall to put it on display. If you are on a budget, you can make a compression quilt rack yourself, but you can also purchase a professionally made quilt rack if you want something a bit more special.

Shelf-And-Rod Racks

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Another popular wall rack is the shelf-and-rod rack. Shelf-and-rod racks come with two main parts. It has a box-like frame with a rod that runs parallel below.

This box-like frame creates a shelf on the top of the entire device. That way, you can place knick-knacks and other items over top of your quilt. You hang the quilt below on the rod after folding it up into a smaller size.

Shelf-and-rod racks are convenient because they allow you to display multiple items, not just your quilt. More so, they make it easy to grab your quilt if you get cold.

In other words, the shelf-and-rod rack is one of the most functional options on our list.

Not to mention, shelf-and-rod racks offer a very folksy appearance that matches many farmhouse aesthetics.

Ladder Rack

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The ladder rack is one of the simplest and aesthetically pleasing quilt racks available. All you need is a wooden ladder and lean it against a wall. Then, place folded quilts over the rungs of the ladder.

This design is aesthetically pleasing and very in fashion, but it is functional because it makes it easy to grab your quilt when needed. The ladder option is very affordable too since you don’t have to spend money on a specific quilt rack—any ladder will do.

Plus, you can use a single ladder to display multiple quilts, whereas most of the other options can only display one quilt at a time.

Pole Stands  

A pole stand is a newer form of quilt rack. It is different from the other quilt racks we have looked at so far because it is freestanding and does not involve the wall at all. Instead, there is a pole that rises from the base, and the top of the pole has some sort of decorative hollow shape.

Simply place the pole stand in the desired location. Then, gather a bit of your quilt and push it through the shape at the top. The bunched fabric will keep the quilt in place, while the rest of the blanket cascades over the pole.

Fan Stands

Fan stands are very similar to pole stands. They catch a bit of the quilt and hold the edges of the quilt in place. Fan stands differ from pole stands in that they are mounted on the wall, though.

Its name comes from the fact that you just pull the fabric far enough so that it creates a pleasing fan appearance over the top of your quilt. The rest of the quilt hangs from the fan stand to enjoy.

Arm Racks

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Arm racks are highly functional tools that display your quilt but make them easy to gather as well. How it works is that you will install the arm rack on your wall. The arm can then move back and forth so that it is parallel or perpendicular to the wall.

Whenever you want the quilt to be displayed on the arm rack, pull the arm rack so that it is perpendicular to the wall. Fold the quilt, and drape it over the arm. Lastly, push the arm back so that it is parallel to the wall and holds the quilt in place.

Whenever you need to pull the quilt down, simply swing the arm back out and remove the quilt as needed. Very simple, attractive, and functional!


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Clips are very straightforward ways to display your quilt. The quilt clips are large decorative clips that hold the quilt up.

Quilt clips work in the same way as laundry clips that hold your clothes on the laundry line. This simplistic design makes quilt clips incredibly easy and intuitive.

Most often, quilt clips are made from compressed wood so that the clips look rustic and attractive without damaging the blanket in any way. Of course, you will need to find a location that you can connect the quilt to.

Mini Racks  

Mini racks are specifically designed for mini quilts. These racks are much smaller than the other ones and specifically designed so that they can perfectly display the details of the mini quilt.

Most mini racks resemble coat hangers. They include intricate details to complement the decorated quilts. The hangers will include some sort of compression pieces to hold the quilts in place, but some mini racks use hooks or loops instead.

Because of how small mini quilts are, you shouldn’t have to fold them. Instead, they should be displayed with their full size. Mount the rack on the wall to showcase the entire quilt.

Doll Racks 

Doll racks are interchangeable with mini racks since they look the exact same.