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9 Reasons Geese Make Good Pets and 9 Reasons They Do Not

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If you are looking to get a pet and the regular dog, cat, or fish will not do, you could consider going in the direction of geese.

If what you want is a pet that is smart, social, and provides protection, then they just might be perfect for you. Domestic geese are known to be friendly, adaptable, easily-kept, and they have become popular in recent times.

Toddler girl playing with geese at a pond in park

Still unsure if you should get a goose or not? Not to worry, in this article, we will examine what could go right and what could go wrong if you have a goose as a pet.

9 Reasons Geese Make Good Pets

Geese Are Easy to Raise

Raising geese is easy, and unlike other domestic birds, they are a lot less prone to diseases and parasites.

Geese are also hardy. Hence, they thrive in harsh weather conditions, particularly extreme cold and wetness. Such conditions normally make domestic birds prone to bacterial and fungal infections. But the hardiness of geese usually spares them.

They Are Friendly and Fun

Geese are notoriously fun to be around. They are friendly, and they have multiple interesting behaviors.

Some geese will bond like regular pets. Such geese will develop an interest in any activity you seem to be doing, tag along with you wherever you go, and even try hugging you.

They Have Long Lifespans

group of domestic geese on the lake

If you are looking for a pet with a long life span, geese may be the animal for you.

When properly cared for, geese can live for as long as 10-15 years, and even past 20.

In many cases, the cause of a goose’s death is a predator, commonly dogs, and foxes. For your geese to live long and healthy, protection from predators should be your main priority.

They Can Function as Natural Weed Control

Geese are useful for weed control. Being foragers, they eat a considerable number of plants.

Geese are sometimes used as a natural weed control method. When removing weeds, they will consume the harmful ones around the crops and even get to those that are difficult to reach. 

They Are Easy to Maintain and Inexpensive

Geese are cheap to own and easy to maintain. You need not spend so much money getting food for them compared to regular pets. They easily forage for their own food provided there is a lawn or pasture for them to graze on. You may only need to supplement them during lean winter months.

They Are Loyal

Little girl on the farm runs after the geese

Besides being friendly, geese can be affectionate and loyal. This is one of the many reasons people look to take them in as pets. Many times, geese build strong bonds with the people that raise them. 

Geese Thrive as Watchdogs

Geese are excellent watchdogs. This is not surprising, considering some people are more afraid of geese than dogs.

Geese are usually alert; they are always aware of the happenings in their surroundings. When they honk, it means something or someone unfamiliar and threatening has entered the environment. In some instances, they will proceed to chase the threat away.

Easy to Accommodate

Unlike other domestic birds, geese do not require fancy accommodations. Give the geese a well-ventilated space with a comfortable spot to sleep, and they will do just fine.

Another good thing is their poop has no foul odors, and it can be easily washed away.

They Can Be Tamed Easily

Geese have a reputation for being aggressive. But they can be easily tamed, especially when they are handled from birth and fed by hand by their owners.

9 Reasons Geese May Not Make Good Pets

Having a goose for a pet may not always turn out like you hoped it would. Here are some reasons when having them as a pet may not work out. 

They Can Be Very Noisy

Geese are noisy birds.

You will find that they are even noisier when they are looking for a mate. If you live in a populated area, those living around you will probably not find the noise very pleasant.

They Can Be Rattled Easily

rear view of group of geese walking

If you have children in your home, ensure to monitor them when they are around geese. Geese can object to the noise and quick movements of children.

If children do run and play boisterously around the geese, they might get startled and chase the children. They are capable of hurting children, and even adults, with their wings and bills.

Keeping a Goose as Pet Can Be Time-Consuming

Owning geese means spending a lot of time with them, and this requires a lot of commitment.

For one, if you eventually decide to relocate, you have to consider if your new accommodation will have enough space for your geese.

You Have to Secure Them

You have to ensure the location your geese are kept is secure with fencing that deters larger predators. No matter how tough they appear to be, geese will be easily overpowered by a stray dog or fox.

You May Have to Get More Than One Goose

Geese tend to thrive better in a flock. So, if you intend to keep geese as pets, it is not advisable to get only one. But be careful, you do not want to have too many of them.

On the other hand, if you get only one goose, you have to be committed to giving it the constant attention it needs.

They Can Be Fragile

Geese are more prone to certain physical injuries than chickens and must be handled with care to prevent them from being harmed. 

In general, waterfowl are more prone to leg and neck injuries than chickens, and this is true also of geese. However, geese are more tolerant of cold and wet conditions than chickens.

Geese Are Messy

Geese can be messy animals; they poop a lot. They also love to splash in the water, so you have to provide a water source for them, and then be ready to clean up after them constantly.

You Cannot Keep Them Indoors for Long

Geese cannot be kept indoors permanently, unlike your regular pets. If they are made to stay indoors extensively, they may become inactive and unhealthy. Thus, they should be allowed to go out regularly.

They May Eat the Plants in Your Garden       

If you happen to own a garden, it is important to keep geese away from your plants. During the planting season especially, the geese may attack the new plants and ruin the garden.