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10 Quick Cleaning Tips

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It doesn’t matter how big or small a home is; eventually, it will get dirty.

How often you clean can vary based on factors, including personal preference and the ability to pay for a professional cleaning service. The prospect of having to clean always looms large. 

There isn’t a single best approach to keeping your home tidy, but there are wiser ways to get the job done. To start cleaning more quickly and efficiently, it is important to grasp the basic concepts of housekeeping with the help of some useful tips and tricks.

You will have a clean home in no time if you read this article thoroughly, so roll up your sleeves and let’s get our hands dirty!

Young woman holding bucket with cleaning supplies tools in the kitchen

The Basics: Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Checklists

What’s the quickest and easiest way to always have a spotless house? Maintain a regular cleaning routine. 

When you have an established cleaning schedule for your entire home, you can relax knowing that perfect order is never out of reach.

Set a schedule for how often you’ll clean every single area.

Most rooms should be cleaned once a week or twice a week at a minimum, but you should consider your personal daily life when establishing a schedule for maintaining your entire home.

The next step is to make a list of all the usual cleaning duties. Place the items on your list to keep track of each particular space.

Take a look at this sample bathroom cleaning checklist as an example:

Bathroom Duties:

  1. Clean the mirrors. 
  2. Clean the washbasin and surfaces.
  3. Clean the faces of the cabinets.
  4. Clean the bathroom tub and tap.
  5. Clean the shower, including the door, floor, walls, and faucet.
  6. Clean and disinfect the toilet.
  7. Clean the door to the bathroom and disinfect the handle.
  8. Vacuum the bathroom floor.
  9. Mop the bathroom floor.

Now that you know what needs to be done and how often, you’re ready to discover how to clean your house while using the best tips and tactics.

1. Move the Vacuum Slowly to Clean Your House Quickly

Young woman cleaning house with vacuum cleaner

It’s important to pay attention to the pace at which you’re pushing the vacuum cleaner across the floor as you work.

It takes time for the vacuum to pick up the dirt. Too rapid a motion will only cause dirt and dust to fly everywhere. 

To easily and quickly clean your floors, simply push the vacuum firmly and slowly forward and back without shifting it to the side.

2. Get Your Oven Cleaned While You Sleep

Woman spraying liquid cleaning in oven tray at home

Oven cleaning is one of those duties that always seems to get pushed off. However, the longer you use a dirty stove, the less appealing the food will taste.

Overnight cleaning with ammonia requires very little work and is a little-known trick for cleaning ovens. Use this method to thoroughly clean your oven’s inside racks and glass door. 

First, preheat the oven to about 150–170°F and switch off the heat before using ammonia. 

The heat from the oven is only necessary to soften the stubborn grease before the ammonia does its work, so you don’t have to leave the oven on.

Put some water in an ovenproof dish and place it on the lowest oven rack. Place a heat-resistant container or bowl with 1 cup of ammonia on the top shelf. Leave it in the oven, turn off the heat, and let it be there overnight.

After letting the ammonia fumes sit overnight to break down the filth, you can easily sponge everything clean in the morning. 

3. By Using a Bleach Pen, You Can Easily Clean Any Grout

woman with protective eye wear cleaning the white tile of the wall using sponge

Avoid wasting your time washing the grout with a toothbrush or sponge; consider using a powerful bleach pen instead.

Bleach pens are multipurpose cleaners that can not only be used to clean the grout between tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, but they are additionally effective when cleaning stained clothes and shoes. 

The bleach in the pen can be used to remove mold, grime, and other stains from a wide range of surfaces.

Simply apply a bleach pen to the grout lines in your bathroom or kitchen and leave it to cure overnight. After that, simply use a warm, moist sponge to clean your tiles. 

You may also use your bleach pen to effectively remove stains from clothing and footwear.

4. Polish a Stainless Steel Sink with Flour

Happy young woman spraying liquid cleaner on stainless faucet kitchen sink

Stainless steel kitchen sinks have many benefits, including durability, affordability, and easy maintenance, but they also have a few downsides.

Water stains and soap scum are the enemies of stainless steel, causing it to quickly lose its gleam.

One of the best stainless-steel polishes is likely already in your kitchen cupboard; you just need to use it.

Following the standard cleaning procedure, sprinkle some flour over the sink and then buff it with a dry cloth to bring out its luster.

Polishing a stainless-steel sink with flour will bring back the shine you may have lost over time.

5. Place a Dish Brush Under Your Shower

Zero waste plastic free reusable dish house washing wooden brushes

Here’s a tip that you will wish you had heard of sooner. Only a minute of your time is needed to keep the shower spotless. 

Simply keep a dish brush under your shower so you can easily clean it after each use. 

A dish brush and some detergent might save you a ton of labor when cleaning the tile, tub, and grout in your shower.

Put your preferred shower cleaning solution into the brush’s handle for maximum efficiency.

This way, you’ll never have a filthy, difficult-to-clean shower.

6. Remove Pet Hair Quickly With Rubber Kitchen Gloves

Cat hair on rubber gloves while cleaning sofa

There’s no denying the love we have for our furry family members. However, the endless fur trail is a significant issue. 

The benefits of using rubber gloves extend far beyond the kitchen. A pair of rubber gloves may come in handy if you’re having trouble removing pet fluff from furniture like the couch, carpet, or bed. 

Just wear gloves and wipe down any areas where pet hair is problematic. You won’t have to wait long to realize the gloves’ gum will pick up hair amazingly well.

Gloves may also be the cheapest option for removing pet hair from any fabric.

7. Put Vinegar in a Plastic Bag and Wrap It Around Your Shower Heads

woman cleaning an calcified shower head

Dirty shower heads aren’t just unattractive and may indicate more serious issues down the road. 

The water pressure will decrease, and your pleasant shower will be over if mineral deposits get into the openings of the shower head. 

If you want to clean your shower head, sink faucet, or any other water fixture without spending too much time or making a mess, just wrap a plastic bag filled with white vinegar around it and tie it off.

After letting it sit overnight, wipe away any remaining filth and grime with a moist towel. Wash it off and see the difference.

8. Use a Clothes Steamer to Clean Your Couch

woman holding a portable hand steamer for clothes

Steamers aren’t just useful for getting rid of wrinkles in clothing; they also make it easy to clean your couch in no time. 

The correct steps to using a clothes steamer to clean couches include vacuuming the sofa first, followed by the application of detergent to any stains or dirty areas. 

Set the steam setting on your clothes steamer to maximum heat and steam. Using long, steady strokes, ensure that the steam reaches all sections of the fabric. 

Any dust, debris, or stains that have become entrenched in the material should be removed by the steam. 

Steam cleaning also aids in the removal of smells and mold that has become embedded deep within the fabric.

9. Chopsticks Can Be Used to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

Chopsticks aren’t just for eating Chinese food. Even if you prefer a fork, these simple wooden utensils are worth keeping. 

Chopsticks are practical items that also serve as an efficient cleaning tool, allowing you to clean previously inaccessible kitchen and bathroom areas. 

It’s never easy to get a sponge or rag into the crevices surrounding the sink’s faucet, the tile’s grout lines, or the air vent. 

A cloth wrapped around a chopstick may make rapid work of difficult tasks and is the ideal tool for getting into tight spaces.

10. Use an Iron to Remove Carpet Stains

woman adding water in an iron to remove carpet stains

Carpet stains can be difficult to remove, even with the help of professional cleaning products. But you can quickly and easily remove them with an iron, a cloth, and white vinegar.

Instead of scrubbing stains out of the carpet, spray them with one-fourth white vinegar and three-fourths water

Then, place a fresh cotton towel on top and iron it over with plenty of steam. Carefully pull away the iron and cotton towel after a moment.

The heat from the iron will have broken down any stains on the carpet, making them easier to remove or vacuum up. 

The iron can be easily compared to a small, highly efficient steam cleaner.

Final Thoughts

The best cleaning advice is the kind that gets the job done quickly and efficiently, whether you have an hour to devote to a thorough cleaning or just five minutes to give something a quick once-over.

These 10 cleaning tips, which range from tried-and-true all-natural methods to straightforward hacks and creative techniques, will make your home look new in no time.