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Fun Things to Do with Goats

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Are you thinking about getting a goat as your new pet?

Whether you’re starting your own small family farm or just want to mix things up with a new animal, goats are a fantastic choice!

Every year, more people are buying and raising goats because they’re relatively easy to care for, can be extremely affectionate, and are a lot of fun.

cute little goat on grass

If you have kids or you’re an animal lover, you’ve probably been to a petting zoo once or twice in your life. The goats are always a big draw.

They come calling with the slightest encouragement from humans.

Most of the time people think that they’re just coming over to get some food, but goats, in the right conditions, love people and are actually happy to spend time with you.

By now, you’ve seen goat yoga and have probably watched a YouTube video or two about raising a goat in your backyard.

You know they’re adorable when they’re little, and they can grow into terrific companions when they are adults. So, it’s almost time to take the plunge and get yourself a goat!

Before you do, however, you should think about all the benefits there are to owning a goat and how much fun you’ll have in different activities with them.

Here are some of the best fun things to do with goats.

Why Play, Of Course!

Goats love to play.

They’re cheerful animals in general, and they’ll love climbing whatever obstacles you throw their way and will be ecstatic whenever you take the time to come outside and pet them or run around in the grass with them.

With goats, you’ll often find yourself in some hilarious situations, whether it’s a goat trying to get into your lap as you sit in a chair, or their attempts at sneaking food from your hands when you’re not looking.

They’re always up for a good time and respond well to positive feedback.

Trying Hiking with Your Goat

Yeah, you heard that right. Take your goat on a trail for a hike once in a while. They’ll love the change of scenery, and people will adore seeing you taking your goat out for a walk.

Start with something that’s not too difficult, and it’s a good idea to stick the harness and leash on a few times at home before taking them out to see how they’ll respond.

Also, one thing you should try to do is take your goat hiking in a place where there won’t be a lot of dogs.

Some goats handle interactions with dogs well, and others can get skittish rather quickly. Just be on the safe side and take them somewhere with little foot traffic.

mountain hiking with goats


Goats can be very affectionate.

Many goat owners call their goats great life companions. They spend a lot of time with them and some even have their goats sleep in the bed with them!

What’s better than a bit of a cuddle to brighten your mood?

If you have an inside goat, they will probably enjoy sitting on the couch cozied up against you as you watch tv.

If your goat is outside all of the time, then lay down in the grass and let them plop down next to you for a good cuddle.

Start a Pushing Contest

Goats live to be played with.

They’re always up for a good time and many of them like to get into a bit of mischief now and then.

One thing you can do that’s a bit rascally is to start a pushing contest with your goat.

Without being overly aggressive, start to push a bit on the flat part of your goat’s head.

In response, they’ll likely start lowering their head and pushing back. If it’s a goat you’ve taken care of for a long time and one that’s accustomed to you, this is probably not a sign of aggression but one of playfulness.

You can test to see how strong your goat is and have a bit of a wrestle with them.

beautiful and cute girl in blue dresses with beautiful hairstyles and make-up sitting in a sunny green garden and playing with a goat

Try Out Some Goat Yoga

If you’ve got your own goat, you can give goat yoga a try all by yourself. Skip the lines and the class fees and get out the yoga mat and give it a spin.

The best way to do goat yoga is to get in basic positions and place a treat on your back or leg or wherever else you want them to climb up.

After a few tries, they should get the point if they’re in the mood and you’re on your way to starting your own goat yoga home studio.

Teach Them a Few Tricks

Goats can learn a bunch of tricks that will be a ton of fun.

They can learn to jump through hoops, walk on their hind legs, pull ropes or levers to get treats, bow, and several others.

They’re actually quite trainable and smart. It will take some effort, but your goat will get a lot of enjoyment out of earning treats and learning new things.

Some owners have success teaching their goats to nod and shake their heads as a way to say yes or no.

They can shake and learn basic games with toys you introduce to them.

Goats having fun with their owner , goats jumping and playing outdoors in the grass

Build Some Goat Toys

Goats need to be active to stay healthy and happy.

Building complex toys in the yard for them to jump on and get some exercise can be a lot of fun. You can use tires, build ladders, and cedar blocks to build obstacles and platforms that they’ll climb and perch on.

If you need some ideas, check out some videos online about goat toys and how your goat will use them.

Feed Them Yummy Treats

Of course, nothing will help you build a fast bond with your goat more quickly than feeding them delicious treats.

Whether you make them at home on your own or buy them from a store, goats will love earning and eating their treats.

As you feed your goat, give them some good pats and pet them constantly to help them get used to your touch and presence.

Get Your Goat Some Companions

Goats love company.

Getting more than one goat is a fantastic way to guarantee that they’re never bored or lonely.

If you’re not interested in getting more than one goat, interacting with other household pets should also do the trick.

Goats love playing with chickens, family dogs, and other farm animals. They even get along well with cats.

You’ll have a great time standing there watching them chase each other around the yard.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the fun things you can do with goats.

They’re great pets and you can even use their milk to make cheese and ice cream. How awesome is that?

Before you rush to buy your goat, do some research to learn how to feed and care for them properly.

Healthy goats will be in better spirits and will be more fun to play with.

Get ready for years of tremendous fun with goats. They can always be expected to do something unexpected that will leave you laughing.

Even listening to them call can be a hilarious experience. You’ll find yourself talking every day about something new they did.