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7 Reasons Peacocks Make Good Pets and 7 Reasons Why They Don’t

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Peacocks are one of the most exotic breeds of birds on the planet. They have colorful, iridescent, fan-like feathers that make it hard for anyone not to notice them.

People keep peacocks for many purposes: for meat, for eggs, for ornamental purposes, or as pets.

But, do peacocks make good pets?

Peacocks make excellent pets, and while people say they are not reliable protectors or companions, the demand has not dropped. They are easy to care for and make an absolutely beautiful addition to any farm.

Beautiful peacock at the zoo

In this article, we will be sharing some reasons why peacocks make good pets. We will also touch on reasons why they may not be ideal for you.

7 Reasons Peacocks Make Good Pets

1. They Are Not Picky Eaters

Peacocks are not picky eaters, and they can eat a broad range of foods because they are omnivorous.

Once their basic needs like feeding are met, they can thrive in any given environment, and they are easy to take care of.

2. They Can Be Affectionate

Peacocks can be affectionate to their owners. When a peacock is raised from an early age by humans, it may see those humans as its parents.

As a peacock owner, if you spend a lot of time with your birds, they may come to sit on your lap and even let you hug them. Many times, they will eat out of your hands.

3. Peacocks Are Highly Adaptable

Peacocks will adapt to changeable weather and climates, despite their tropical and exotic appearance.

You needn’t worry too much about peacocks having trouble with winter seasons and summer heat. It is also a well-known fact these birds can predict the weather.

4. They Are Beautiful

One obvious reason peacocks make good pets is the fact that they are beautiful.

With their bold colors and mesmerizing tail feathers on the males, these birds are a wonderful sight to behold.

5. They Can Fend Off Dangerous Pests

Having a peacock as a pet or on a farm can come in handy as they can fend off dangerous pests like snakes.

If peacocks decide to fight, they can inflict serious damage with the sharp spurs attached to their feet.

But if they are not fighting, they may make a series of crowing noises to let you know that there is danger afoot.

6. Peacocks Relate Well With Other Animals

Peacock with it's beautiful  tail spread

Peacocks tend to get along with other animals and pets. They usually go around looking for food and try to stay out of the way of the other pets in the home.

They are usually not aggressive and will only lash out if they feel threatened.

7. They Are Active

Peacocks are known to roam where they live. They do this so they can observe everything that occurs around them.

They are very active birds as they are always on the move looking to spot any potential danger.

When peacocks sense danger approaching, they make a screeching sound. They also possess a very highly tuned sense of hearing.

7 Reasons Why Peacocks Do Not Make Good Pets

Having peacocks as pets can sound like a fun idea… until it is not. Here are some reasons why having peacocks as pets may not work out.

1. They Can Be Messy

Peacocks can be very messy animals as they tend to poop a lot. Their poop usually comes with a very foul odor, and sticky consistency, which makes cleaning up after them a very tedious task.

2. Peacocks Are Noisy

Peacocks are noisy birds. They tend to make a lot of noise. They are even noisier when they are looking for a mate.

You may be unbothered by the noise, but chances are, your neighbors may not.

They Need Space

Peacocks need a lot of space. Keeping them in a suburban area can be a problem since they may try to fly over fences.

When they do fly over the fence, they may do damage your neighbor’s property.

They Could Fly Away If Not Monitored

You cannot allow peacocks to roam freely like other domestic animals because they will fly away. To prevent this, you have to adequately fence and roof their enclosure.

Peacocks Cannot Be House Trained

Peacocks cannot be kept as traditional pets like cats and dogs. They cannot be house trained, and they do not recognize property boundaries as such.

Your peacock might even move to your neighbor’s yard if they notice they can get better food there.

A woman feeding a peacock

You May Have To Keep More Than One Peacock  

Keeping just one peacock can be a problem. You may have to get more than one since peacocks thrive better with their kind.

It is also not advisable to keep all male peacocks as they are territorial and can be aggressive toward one another.

They Are Not Great Companions

Except for peacocks raised and cared for by humans, these birds are not great companions when compared to pets like dogs and cats.


Cat Spydell

Saturday 29th of January 2022

As a person who travels & lives with a rescued peacock, I think I would give the advice that they can be very dangerous animals. While on social media our #radthepeacock is shown as a friendly education bird, he can also be very unpredictable. If you have a peacock and can't read the very subtle signs of affection vs. aggression, you will be harmed.

Terri Runft

Friday 14th of January 2022

What about the grit factor in their diet