Why Your Ducks Are Attacking Your Chickens and What to Do

Most times, when ducks and chickens live together, they ignore one another. But sometimes, the ducks may attack the chickens.

Most times, farmers avoid keeping them together in the coop to prevent fighting. Ducks and chickens fight for many reasons, and some of these reasons include


Overcrowding makes the birds irritable and causes bullying. If there is inadequate space and feed, a fight may likely start amongst the birds.

Ducks Fight the Chickens to Have the Females to Themselves

Raising chickens and ducks without enough females of either species will cause fights that can lead to death. An excellent breeding system should have a proper male-to-female ratio.

Excessive Light

Extreme bright light for long periods causes birds to become hostile to one another. Excessive exposure to bright light can be stressful to the birds, and it can make them irritable.