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Do Interior Barn Doors Lock?

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Quite a number of people believe that barn doors cannot be locked. Hence, they offer no privacy. But in actuality, this thought is inaccurate.

Do interior barn doors lock?

Yes, they do. As long as an interior barn door is fitted with an appropriate fixture, it can be locked.

With some interior barn doors, the lock is installed only on the inside, so they can only be locked from that side. At the same time, some other types can be locked from both sides of the door.

As we already said, to lock an interior barn door, you need to install a functional lock. But what types of locks are appropriate for interior barn doors? Well, in this post, we explore your options and discuss other related topics.

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Do Interior Barn Doors Lock?

The point of having a door in part of any building is to ensure privacy. But doors alone do not ensure privacy – doors with locks do. So, it is only normal to ask if interior barn doors lock.

Interior barn doors lock as long as the right type of lock has been fitted onto them. Various factors are considered when choosing a lock for a barn door. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Where you intend to lock the barn door from
  • Traffic directions
  • The barn door type
  • The room using the door.

Different locks are suited for locking barn doors from the inside and the outside. So, when choosing a lock, you should consider where you intend to latch the door from. You should, however, note that most barn door locks are suited for locking the door from the inside.

The traffic of people through the door also matters when choosing a lock for your interior barn door. The more the traffic through the door, the more times it would be opened.

If the door is one where people walk through a lot, then locking and opening needs to be easy. For this reason, you have to choose a lock with a simple mechanism.

In many cases, the barn door type may not matter since most of them will work with any lock. Nonetheless, there are exceptions.

Bifolding doors, for instance, will only lock against each other. Also, shutter and cabinet doors are best fitted with teardrop and hook eye latches.

The room using the door is also a crucial factor to consider. The room determines where you should lock the door from.

For instance, barn bathroom doors should only be locked from the inside. This is the only way to fulfill its purpose of privacy.

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Can They Lock From Both Sides?

Where your barn door locks from depends on the type of lock you install on it. Most types of locks only lock on one side.

Nonetheless, there are options for when you want the door to lock from both sides.

Many locks are created for privacy – to prevent someone else from bursting in on you. This is why most of them only lock from the inside.

However, sometimes, you may also need the means to lock the door from outside. For instance, if you are storing valuable horse tack inside the room with the barn door, you will have to secure the door from outside.

A keyed lock with a latch would be suitable for this. They can be operated with a key on the outside and a latch on the inside.

Alternatively, you could get a regular keyed lock and lock it with a key on either side.

You can also install a one-sided lock on both sides of the door. But such installation may leave you at the risk of getting locked inside the room from the outside.

5 Types of Locks Great for Farmhouse Style Barn Doors

So, we have waxed lyrical about installing locks a whole lot in this article. Now, let us talk about the types of locks you can use for farmhouse-style barn doors.

Hook and Eye Latch

This type of lock is suited for locking the door on one side. Hook and eye latches are just as described by their name. They come as a curved hook that fits into an eye (a round latch) to secure them.

The mechanism of this type of lock is simple and straightforward. Hook and eye latch can be used to secure the door to the wall. It may also be used to secure the door to another door, as you may see in bifolding doors.

If you are looking to get a hook and eye latch, you should consider the following products:

Hasp Lock

The hasp lock is also one-sided. It comes as a slotted flat metal plate that fits over another metal plate with a loop (staple).

The slotted plate comes with a hinge and is attached to the door. Then the plate with the staple is attached to the wall or another door.

The mechanism of the hasp lock is also simple. Push the slot over the staple and let the staple pass through. After doing this, you may insert a padlock or pin through the staple to secure the lock.

If you would opt for a hasp lock, we recommend you check the following out:

Surface-Mounted Slide Bolt

This type of lock is also one-sided. But beyond that, it is pretty easy to install, and its mechanism is straightforward.

This lock is installed by attachment to the door jamb. Once attached to the jamb, a slot is created in the door for the bolt. Then to lock the door, all you have to do is push the lever that extends the bolt outward.

The following are some of our recommendations for a surface-mounted slide bolt:

Teardrop Latch

Teardrop latches are a bit popular with barn doors. They consist of 2 pieces. One of these pieces is a slotted item that is installed into the door jamb or the wall. The other piece is a triangular item attached to the door panel.

The teardrop latch is also one-sided and is easy to use. If you would get one, try out the following products:

Keyed Lock With a Latch

Keyed locks with a latch are perfect for operating the lock from both sides of the door. They come in various designs. But they are typically designed with a key lock on the outside and a latch on the inside.

If you prefer this type of lock, then check out these 2 products:


If you fit a lock on your interior barn door, then you can lock it. There are various lock options available for you to choose from. Most lock on one side, while some lock on both sides. Ultimately, what you choose will depend on your preference, the door type, and the room the door is meant for.