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Can Sheep Eat Carrots?

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Treats are a great way to bond with and reward your sheep. Deciding what treats to feed your sheep can be difficult. Fresh veggies often make excellent treats for animals on your farm, but are carrots a good treat option for sheep?

Happy little boy feeding carrot to sheep in a park at the day time

Can sheep eat carrots?

Sheep can eat carrots if they are fed as treats. Carrots are full of healthy vitamins and nutrients that sheep can benefit from. As with any treat, carrots must be fed to sheep in moderation because they can become dangerous and unhealthy if they are not fed properly.  

Carrots are packed full of nutrition, but any treat, regardless of its health benefits can be harmful in the wrong conditions.

If overfed, treats like carrots can cause sheep to skip eat their normal meals, a habit that can be detrimental to their health.

It is important to know everything you can about feeding carrots to sheep as treats so that you keep your animals as healthy as possible.

Are Carrots Healthy for Sheep?

Carrot treats are healthy for sheep if they are fed in limited quantities. Carrots are full of vitamins A and K as well as beta carotene.

These are all powerful antioxidants that help keep sheep healthy. Fiber, folate, and potassium are also found in carrots, making them an exceptionally nutritious treat for sheep. (source)

Carrots do not contain high amounts of sugar, so they will not cause hyperactivity or glucose issues in sheep.

Carrots are all-natural vegetables that are just as healthy for sheep as they are for people. (source)

Is It Safe for Sheep to Eat Carrots?

Carrot are safe for sheep to eat as treats. (source) Sheep can easily digest moderate amounts of carrots each day.

Carrots are easy for sheep to chew, and sheep will often enjoy their crunchy texture. If fed in small pieces and limited quantities, carrots are safe for sheep to eat daily.

Fresh carrots with green leaves on black background

Can Sheep Eat Carrot Tops?

Although all sheep may not enjoy them, sheep can safely eat carrot tops. The green leafy tops attached to carrots are healthy for sheep to eat.

They do not contain any toxic substances like some vegetable plants do. Just like with carrots, carrot tops should be fed in limited amounts and should never take the place of a sheep’s normal diet.

Can Sheep Eat Canned Carrots?

Canned carrots sometimes contain added sugar, sodium, and preservatives that are not necessarily healthy for sheep.

When it comes to sheep and other livestock, stick with natural or fresh carrots and steer clear of canned and preserved carrots.

While sheep can technically eat canned carrots, the fresher and more natural a carrot is, the healthier it is for your sheep.

5 Ways to Prepare Carrots for Sheep

There are a few different ways to prepare carrot treats for your sheep. You can try different methods to find out which one works best for your herd.

1. Slice and Feed

The easiest way to feed carrot treats is to remove the top and slice the carrot into small round pieces. This makes it easy for sheep to eat and easier for you to portion out to the herd.

2. Make Carrot Peeling

You can use a peeler to slice off carrot peels to feed your sheep. This makes thin pieces that are easy for your sheep to chew and digest.

3. Cook the Carrots

Carrots can be sliced and cooked to make for even softer treats. Do not add any seasonings or sugar to the vegetable. You can serve them in slices, mix them with oats, or mash them up to mix in with their food.

4. Make Grated Carrot Toppings

Carrots can be grated using a cheese grater. You can sprinkle the grated carrot onto your sheep’s regular food or forage supply.

This is one way you can slowly introduce carrot treats to your sheep.

5. Cut Thin Carrot Sticks

Some sheep owners will cut carrots into thin carrot sticks to feed to their sheep. This allows them to easily hand feed the carrot treats. The thin sticks help to prevent choking incidents in sheep, especially young ewes.

kids feeding sheeps carrots and other vegetable in zoo park

How Many Carrots Can Sheep Have Daily?

Sheep should be fed carrot treats in moderation so that they do not interfere with their regular meals. A sheep’s digestive system requires a balanced daily diet of forage and feed.

One or, at most, two carrots are more than enough to feed a single sheep per day. More than that could cause them to forgo their normal food, resulting in gastric distress or malnutrition.

How to Introduce Carrots to Sheep

All new treats, regardless of how healthy they are, should be introduced to sheep slowly. The first time you feed your sheep carrot treats, you should feed them only one or two small pieces to see how they handle it.

They may be uninterested at first, but if they eat it, monitor them through the next day to see if they have any adverse reactions. If they appear fine and continue eating their regular food as usual, then you can consider carrots safe for your sheep.  

What Other Vegetables or Fruits Can Sheep Eat?

Sheep are able to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Natural treat options like apples, watermelon, grapes, lettuce, celery, pumpkins, and squashes are all safe to be fed to sheep.  

Whichever treat you choose for your sheep, only feed one kind of treat per day. This helps to avoid treat overload and potential digestive issues. (source)

What Vegetables and Fruits Should Sheep Never Eat?

There are several natural foods that you should never feed your sheep. Avocados, kale, and potatoes should not be fed to sheep for any reason. These foods can be extremely toxic to sheep. (source)

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Introduce all new treats slowly to prevent digestive problems.
  2. Make sure carrot treats are feed in a small, easy to chew pieces to prevent choking.
  3. Do not feed avocados, potatoes or kale to sheep.
  4. Feed carrots and other treats in moderation to avoid overfeeding.
  5. Consult a vet if your sheep acts differently after eating carrots.

Final Thoughts

If you own sheep, it is important to know if treats like carrots are good for your herd. Fortunately, carrots are extremely nutritious and extremely safe for sheep to eat as treats.

When fed in limited amounts, carrots add a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients to your herd’s regular diet. It is just a bonus that most sheep love carrots!