Safe Paint and Sealers For Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are a great way to grow all sorts of fresh produce, from herbs to vegetables and fruit trees to nutrient-enriched succulents.

Here are some of non-toxic paints and sealers available that are safe to use on your planter boxes:

Old Fashioned Milk Paint

An environmentally-friendly paint made from natural ingredients like clay, milk, protein, lime, and pigment. Use this product to paint your wooden planter boxes either indoors or outdoors. Food and plant safe.

Rust-Oleum Wolmans Classic Clear Wood Preservative

This product can be used outdoors on all treated or untreated wooden planter boxes. Food and plant safe. – Paint onto the wooden area. – Protects against rot and wood decay. – Water-resistant. – Available from Amazon

Raw Linseed Oil

The best type of linseed oil to use on your planter box is raw linseed oil and not boiled linseed oil. It is an all-natural organic product that is ideal to use in your vegetable garden as it is food safe and plant safe.