Can Goats Eat Pumpkins?

Goats are natural forage lovers and they love pumpkins. They find pumpkins palatable and do not find it hard feeding on pumpkins left behind in the fields once pumpkins undergo thawing and freezing.

Goats can also feed on pumpkin vines especially when forage is little and there are pumpkin vines growing in your yard.

Whole Pumpkin

Goats are choosy and can choose whether to feed on pumpkins or not. They are capable of eating up a whole pumpkin and still need more.

Pumpkin Rinds

Goats can eat pumpkin rinds! However, not all of them will like it. Some goats will avoid the rind while others will happily gobble them down provided that they are chopped into small pieces to prevent them from choking.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are non-toxic to goats and great for deworming. They contain an amino acid called cucurbitacin which prevents infestation by causing paralysis in the worms.