What Age Can a Goat Get Pregnant?

A goat can become pregnant as young as five months of age. Female goats can have their first heat season anywhere from five months to over one year of age.

Heat seasons can vary with the goat’s general body condition, the breed of the goat, and the time of the year that it was born.

Puberty in Goats

Most people think that the earliest a doe can have her first heat is at approximately five to six months. Recent research has shown some breeds may have a heat season as early as three to four months.

Genetics Makes A Difference

Pygmy goats can come into season as young as three to four months. Some goats, such as the desert breeds, Kutchi, and Jhakrana, only reach sexual maturity at well over one year of age.

Photoperiod Affects Reproduction Cycles

Goats born in autumn will go a full year until the following autumn before coming into season. The length of the days is, therefore, significant when considering breeding programs and protocols for goats.