Tips for Painting Raised Garden Beds

While some gardeners prefer to leave the wood to age naturally, you can paint your raised bed in any color or pattern of your choice.

Here are 9 tips for painting raised garden beds:

Line Your Raised Bed Before Painting

A raised bed liner is a plastic lining you can place between the soil and the wood you want to paint. The raised bed liner acts as a protective barrier and reduces any risk of soil contamination. You can find a raised bed liner in your garden supply store.

Paint Only the Raised Bed Exterior

Painting the interior of your raised bed could cause toxic paint chemicals to leach into the soil. As already emphasized, the chemicals from the paint can contaminate the soil and harm your plants.

Use Non-Toxic Exterior Paint

When painting your raised garden bed, ensure you use non-toxic exterior paint. Using non-toxic paint is safe for your plants, and it will also protect your wood.