9 Reasons Geese Make Good Pets and 9 Reasons They Do Not

If you are looking to get a pet and the regular dog, cat, or fish will not do, you could consider going in the direction of geese.

Here are some of the Reasons Geese Make Good Pets

Geese Are Easy to Raise

Raising geese is easy, and unlike other domestic birds, they are a lot less prone to diseases and parasites. Geese are also hardy. Hence, they thrive in harsh weather conditions, particularly extreme cold and wetness.

They Are Friendly and Fun

Some geese will bond like regular pets. Such geese will develop an interest in any activity you seem to be doing, tag along with you wherever you go, and even try hugging you.

They Have Long Lifespans

When properly cared for, geese can live for as long as 10-15 years, and even past 20. In many cases, the cause of a goose’s death is a predator, commonly dogs, and foxes.