How Much Does A Peacock Cost

Peacocks are gorgeous birds that add visual ambiance to a homestead.

Adult peacocks cost between $35 dollars to over $300. Rare varieties with particular traits can cost over $1000.

Peacock Breeds and Costs

Peacocks are generally healthy birds.  The cheaper peafowl will most likely be a flawed Indian Blue or a color variation that doesn’t conform to the breeding specs. Regular sellers can be found on Facebook listings, local classifieds, and other local sites

The Three Main Species of Peafowl

Peacocks have three main species: Green peafowl, or The Javanese (Pavo muticus), India Blue, or Indian (Pavo cristatus), and the Congo peafowl, or the African (Afropavo congensis), which isn’t popular in the United States.

While buying peacocks can be pricey, and you need to build them a pen (even if they are free-ranging, they need access to a pen), their day-to-day costs are minimal.