Can Duck Manure Be Used as Fertilizer?

Duck manure is an excellent choice of organic fertilizer for plants. It is full of nutrients and contains more liquid than chicken manure, which means it provides your plants with the needed nutrients without burning them.

Here are some Tips for Using Duck Manure as Fertilizer in Your Garden

1. Apply Directly

Duck manure can be spread in a garden directly around plants. Collect the duck manure and apply it as needed. You can also mix it with water so that you can spray it in the garden.

2. Water Plants with Duck Pool Water

If you have raised ducks, you know that they make a mess out of their water. You have to change their water daily because it gets dirty in less than 24 hours. After all, they swim and poop in the same place.

3. Make Compost with Duck Manure

Duck manure is an excellent source of nitrogen for plants. This also means that you can use duck manure as the source of nitrogen when making compost.