11 Blue Chicken Breeds

Blue chickens are increasing in popularity, with more and more breeders integrating these genetics into common breeds.

Let’s look at some of the most beautiful chicken breeds.

Blue Andalusian

The Blue Andalusian originates from Spain. They are beautiful fowls that lay about 150 eggs a year or 3 eggs a week. They handle the heat fairly well but should have a fair amount of shade cover to protect them from heatstroke.

Blue Wyandotte

Blue Wyandottes are calm fowls and aren’t nosy. Interestingly, they love being cuddled but not for too long. They don’t get along with other chicken breeds but won’t be aggressive unless they feel provoked.

Blue Australorp

Australorp chickens, whether blue or otherwise, were on the Livestock Conservancy’s threatened list. Their numbers are still low, but they moved to the Recovering Breed list a few years ago.