Ameraucana Chicken Colors

The Ameraucana chicken is a pretty bird with a varied color palette.

Lets have a look at each color and discuss which color is found on each bird.


Ameraucana bantam females are covered in black plumage across their bodies. The males are larger in stature than the females but do have the same coloring on their body, eyes, and feet.


Ameraucana bantam females are smaller than the males but have similar coloring. The larger male has a more pronounced black plumage covering his wings and tail with a grey muff and beard and a red pea comb.

Blue Wheaten

The blue wheaten bantam female has white body feathers with rust-colored head and neck and wingtips. The male has majestic black tail feathers, shades of orange wings feathers, and a grey muff and beard with a red pea comb.