White Geese Breeds

Geese are social birds. They stay loyal to one mating partner throughout their life, and they are protective of other geese in their group.

Here are some of white geese breeds.

Snow Goose

Snow geese are vegetarians, and they feed on plants such as shrubs, grasses, willows, and forbs. There’s almost no limit on the plant parts they eat; they will also feed on seeds, leaves, stems, roots, and tubers.

Emden Goose

They are one of the oldest domestic goose breeds in the world, dating about two centuries back. Emden geese are thought to have originated from Germany. However, some other sources believe they originated from Denmark.

Roman Tufted Goose

Roman Tufted geese may have been around for up to two millennia, dating back to the times of ancient Rome. Italians of that time revered, these birds as sacred to Juno, the goddess of marriage.