11 White Cow Breeds

White cow breeds are not a rare sight; they are pretty easy to come by. But if you are looking to get one for your farm, it would not hurt to learn more about your options.

Here are some of the list of white cow breeds to help you.

White Galloway

The Galloway is an established cow breed indigenous to Scotland. The Galloway is hardy and can thrive on rough forage and limited grasses. It is adapted well to the damp and harsh climate of its native environment.

British White

British Whites are usually white with black points on their tongues, noses, hooves, ears, and eyelids. They also have pink and blue skins. Sometimes their skins have black pigments.

White Park Cattle

The White Park Cow is also known as White Horned, Park, Wild White, and White Forest. There are two uncommon, dissimilar types of this breed: the Vaynol and the Chillingham cattle. White Park cows are thrifty, hardy, and docile.