What Does It Mean When A Goat Is Shaking/Shivering?

A goat can shake or shiver if he is cold or ill. A sick goat should immediately be taken to see a Vet for treatment.

Here are some of the reasons why your goat is shivering or shaking

Goats Shivering From The Cold

Extreme temperature changes can cause goats to shiver in the cold. Goats do not enjoy cold, windy, or rainy weather, and if they do not find shelter away from the cold in a hurry, they can develop hypothermia, frostbite, or even pneumonia.

Young Goats Expelled From The Enclosure

Sometimes, the younger goats in the herd can be kicked out of the shelter by the older goats, causing the younger ones to get a smaller portion of the food and shiver in the cold when they do not have the protection of the herd or the enclosure.

Goats Shivering Due To Anxiety

They can shiver for a while due to their anxiety around the change of environment, but as long as their temperature is normal and they are eating and drinking, they should be fine.