What do Guinea Fowl Eat?

Everyone has to know what and how to feed an animal before they start raising the animal. This is the same for people who raise guinea fowl.

Here are some examples of feed that you can give to your guinea fowl.

1. Bird Feed

Guinea fowl accept processed bird feed. If a feed store around you do not have a guinea fowl-specific feed, you can feed your birds with chicken, turkey, or wild game bird feed.

2. Cereals

Experienced poultry keepers use cereals to train and reward guinea fowl to return to their shelter or coop. When your guinea keets are mature enough to leave their brooder, you can use cereals occasionally to reward them when they return to their shelter.

3.  Special Feed

There are special kinds of feed that guinea fowl love. Some special feed for your birds are: Mealworms, Mixed feeds, Wild bird seeds, Sunflower seeds.