5 Ways Your Ducks Behavior Changes Before Her Eggs Hatch

Raising ducks is fun and educating. Many experienced homesteaders can tell what their ducks want by just looking at their behavior.

The behavior of your duck during egg incubation depends on where she is at the moment. Here’s how her behavior differs

Incubating Her Eggs:

When your duck is incubating her eggs, she will be very quiet and you won’t even know that she is there. If, however, you go close to her and she notices you, she will scare you away with a warning sound.

Searching for Food:

A mother duck incubating her eggs is very aggressive and moves quickly when searching for food. She should make more irregular sounds and scare away other ducks. She aims to eat as much food as possible and return to her incubation spot.

Duck Behavior Changes Before the Eggs Hatch

Ducklings hatch from their eggs in about 28 days after laying. In 25-28 days of incubation, your mother duck will behave less aggressively when searching for food and might spend more time with her eggs.