25 Types of Edible Fish

There are chances that you didn’t even know that over 40 different types of edible fishes exist.

Here are some edible fish you can have and might be missing out!


Branzino is also known as European sea bass. It’s a tender, silver-skinned fish. It can be found in the native Mediterranean Sea, the eastern Atlantic Ocean from Norway to Senegal, and in the Black Sea.


Tilapia has kind of a bad reputation for containing a toxic chemical. However, the ones that are reared in good condition in farms are edible. They are from Africa and are consumed the most in the United States.


This is a saltwater fish and can be found in the Atlantic, New England, and the Pacific. It is usually served without the head since many people find it undesirable. The taste depends on where it was caught. However, Atlantic Cod is sweet and soft whereas Pacific Cod is savory.