What Temperature Is Too Cold for Turkeys?

Turkeys are large, densely feathered birds that make excellent additions to a backyard flock

Turkeys are designed to cool themselves through their breath, unlike other animals that have the ability to sweat in the heat.

Turkeys will not typically freeze to death due to their abundance of feathers. Their feathers keep them warm so even if their feet become so cold they can’t walk, their feathers keep their body temperature regulated for the prevention of hypothermia and even death.

A turkey may sleep outside in the cold, but sheltering inside is recommended during periods of extreme cold. The preferred bedding materials for turkeys are sand, wood shavings, or hay. These beddings should be changed often.

There are many warning signs that a turkey may show when feeling too cold. Turkeys are overall hardy animals, meaning they are able to withstand low temperatures (below 20°F) for periods of time.