Should Frozen Chicken Have a Smell?

Most people will agree that fresh chicken has a noticeable smell like most other foods. Fresh chicken has a poultry-like smell, but it is not a bad or horribly unpleasant.

Frozen chicken, like most foods, will have an odor to it, but it should not be strong one.

Frozen chicken that has gone bad may or may not have a strong pungent smell. The frozen state of the meat may lessen the bad smell or veil it completely, but you will know for sure when it thaws.

Thawed chicken, even though it was previously frozen, should not smell like rotten eggs or have a strong odor to it. Defrosted chicken with an intense smell should be thrown out immediately.

When dealing with frozen or even fresh chicken, any time you smell rotten eggs or a sour, putrid smell that almost takes your breath away, throw the chicken away immediately.