5 Reasons Your Electric Fence Isn’t Working

An electric fence is used on many farms, homesteads, and even private houses and buildings to keep valuable possessions safe, sound, and secure

Here are the following instructions on how to fix it.

Breakages In The Fence

Walk the length of the fence to check for any breakages that might have happened. Check that the connectors are wired correctly with no loose wires.

Fault In The Power Supply And Electric Charger

Check your power box to see if there is power leading to the box and then from the box to the fence charger. Use a voltmeter tester to measure the power output on the electric charger.

Faulty Lead Out Wire

Turn off the power and disconnect both the lead wire and the ground system from the primary system. After turning the power back on, check the voltage output on the lead-out wire with a voltmeter. Reconnect the ground system.