How To Build An Electric Fence For Cattle?

An electric fence is a good way to keep your cattle in one place and to stop them from wandering around your farm or homestead.

Building a cattle fence can take some time, but as long as you do your research and planning first, you should be able to construct the fence that you need for your farm.

What Equipment Do I Need For An Electric Fence?

Before building the fence, find out the legal requirements for fencing in your area to see if you can erect an electric fence and if you can use barbed wire.

Wire, Posts, And Gates For An Electric Cattle Fence

Decide how many wires are going to be on the fence – one, two, or five. The bottom wire should be 22 inches (55cm) from the ground and the top wire 49 inches (125cm). If you plan on keeping bulls, the fence could be up to 40 inches (152cm) high.

Will An Electric Fence Harm My Cattle?

A short zap of electricity from an electric fence will not harm your cattle. It will hurt for a moment, and the memory will last, hopefully, long enough to dissuade them from returning to the fence and trying to get out!