Goat Behavior: Why They Paw, Stomp, Bite, Headbutt and Act Out

Goats aren’t as expressive as a lot of other pets, and reading their emotions can be quite a challenge.

These often bad behaviors are usually just a form of communication but they can be a signal that something is wrong.


Goats will frequently paw the ground just to make a comfortable, cool place to lay down. They will paw at the food trough or water bucket to let you know that they are thirsty or hungry.


Goats stomp when they become alarmed by something suspicious. It is a sign of dominance and signals to other goats or animals to back off.


Not every goat is a biter, but some goats do bite as a form of communication. They may simply be playing but often they are either communicating that they are irritated, or they are simply trying to get another goat’s attention.