Why Is My Duck Shivering?

You may find your ducks shaking after a swim to get water out of their plumage. You may also find them shaking when they are excited

Here are some Common Duck Health Issues That Cause Shivering

Duck Viral Hepatitis

Some signs you might see in a duck with viral hepatitis are tremors and rapid leg contractions. You may also notice a loss of appetite, diarrhea, nasal discharge, and bloodstained vents.

Duck Plague  (Virus Enteritis)

Signs of duck plague include tremor, reduced egg production, ruffled plumage, nasal discharge, photophobia, and thirst. You should separate the infected ducks from healthy ducks as soon as the disease is detected and diagnosed.

Duck Pneumonia

When in the lungs, the spores infiltrate the air sacs and cause the formation of plaques. Besides causing the ducks to shake, you’ll notice symptoms such as gasping, dehydration, loss of appetite, isolation, and lethargy.