Can Cows Eat Bananas?

Cows eat bananas and it is healthy for them! Bananas contain nutrients that cows can benefit from and they add extra calories to a cow’s normal diet.

Bananas are a great alternative crop to feed cows and can help supplement them when extra hay or grass is hard to find.

The peeling of a banana contains crude fiber which is beneficial for a cow’s digestive system. Cows can eat banana peels, but some cow owners remove the peeling first on bananas before feeding them.

Rotten bananas are perfectly safe for cows to eat! In fact, in countries that produce bananas, cattle owners only feed rotten bananas to their cows. Their fresh bananas are eaten primarily by local people or exported to other countries.

Cows can eat the leaves from a banana plant, but only in moderation and only with other vegetables. The leaves often contain little nutrient value and the energy needed to digest them often outweighs their contribution.