Can A Pig Eat Anything? 5 Foods a Pig Should NOT Eat

A pig surely can and will eat anything you give them, but that does NOT mean they should.

Here are some of the Foods Pigs Should NOT Eat

Raw meat

In some countries, such as Australia, giving pigs meat or products that contain meat is illegal because it can also cause African Swine Fever (ASF). This virus doesn’t affect people but is a very contagious viral disease that leads to high mortality of domestic pigs.

Raw eggs

It is also not recommended to feed your pigs raw eggs since they can cause serious issues with biotin absorption. To avoid that problem, you can instead give them cooked eggs.

Foods that are high in salt or in (artificial) sugar

Researches have shown that the digestive system of growing pigs can actually tolerate around 8 percent salt in their food – which is around 40 times higher than the required and recommended level.