7 Best Bedding Options for Your Goat

Just like pine shavings, straw is also a great bedding material for your goat pen. One slight issue with straw is that goats sometimes eat straw and you don’t want that to happen (especially if they have pooped on it).

Sawdust is probably the most popular bedding material for most animals. Sawdust is light, easy to spread, absorbent, prevents smell, and provides many other benefits.

Cedar chips or shavings are good for your goats as a goat pen bedding, but it is not as cost-effective as some other options.  While cedar chips are as effective as other bedding options, you should stop using it if you find your goats eating it because cedar can make goats sick if they eat too much of it.

What Can You Do With Spent Bedding?

MULCH  If you use spent bedding materials as mulch for your plants, they will serve as both mulch and a source of nutrients (due to the amount of manure present).

4 Best Bedding Amendments to Keep Your Goat Pen Clean

Gravel and other stones permit easy water drainage. To use gravels, place them below the bedding material. If you like, you can bury them (or mix them) with the soil below the goat pen.