When Can Baby Turkeys Go Outside?

Baby turkeys can go outside on warm days when they are three weeks old, provided they are kept safe from predators.

Here are some things to take into consideration before letting your baby turkey go outside.

Baby turkeys feathers

When baby turkeys are three weeks old, they will not be fully feathered and therefore cannot spend extended periods outside. You can allow your baby turkeys to have access to an enclosed outdoor, sunny space to expose them to the outdoors once they are three weeks old.

Temperature outside

Baby turkeys need to be gradually exposed to outside temperatures. You can gradually expose your baby turkeys by allowing them to go outside on warm days but keeping them inside on cold days and at night.

Protection from predators

While you may be eager to take your baby turkey outside, the outdoors can be particularly risky as baby turkeys are vulnerable to predators and need to be adequately protected when going outdoors.