23 Rare Duck Breeds

Ducks are one of the cutest birds out there, especially when they are still young. It is not much of a surprise to see why some people would adopt them as pets.

Some people consider them as trophies and one of the reasons why they are being hunted in the wild is due to their exotic values and how rare they look.

1. Silver Teal Ducks (Anas versicolor)

The Silver Teal ducks or Versicolor Teal ducks inhabit lakes, grassy wetlands, and reedy marshes. They are one of the species of dabbling duck that can be found in the United States and many regions in South America.

2. White-Cheeked Pintail Ducks (Anas bahamensis)

Also known as Bahama Pintails, these ducks are dabbling ducks that inhabit saltwater regions including bay shores, tidal regions, mangroves, and lagoons. But they can also be found in freshwater ponds and shallow marshes.

3. Northern Pintail Ducks (Anas acuta)

Northern Pintail Ducks are well-known flying ducks that are easily recognized by their thin, long neck and slim body. They possess a brown head, white neck, and body, as well as a black bill.