Goats Losing Hair? 6 Things To Check For

Hair loss in goats is one of the more common issues that owners and goat breeders will face. There are many reasons why goats lose their hair.

Here are six reasons why goats might be losing hair:

Parasitic Skin Problems

One of the most common parasitic skin problems found in goats is mange. Mange is severe dermatitis caused by an infestation of lice and mites.

Bacterial Skin Infections

Bacterial skin infections in goats are mainly caused by internal body systems or external factors like the environment they live in. Harmful bacteria will infect the skin of goats when there is an open wound.

Fungal Infection

Fungal infections on goats’ skin are mainly caused by ringworm. Although the common term used is ringworm, this infection, also called dermatophytosis, is caused by a specific type of skin-loving fungi called dermatophytes.