Best Yarns For A

Baby Blanket



"The best yarns for baby blanket are those made naturally soft. Many yarns are specifically labeled for baby though any yarn with the right texture will do. ."

"Aside from being very soft, it is also available in a ton of color.  This yarn works great in any blanket project but I especially love it for baby blankets."

Caron Simply Soft

"Lightweight yarn is soft to the touch and easy to work with. Baby Soft also comes in traditional pastel baby colors as well as some gorgeous brighter tones."

Lion Brand Baby Soft

"Color is my thing, sparkles even more so. The deep blue colors and sparkle threads woven throughout remind me of the twinkling stars in space."

Mandala Sparkle

"The texture of this yarn is smooth and butter soft. It isn't fuzzy like a lot of other baby yarns. It has a more matte feel to it in both sheen and texture."

Bernat Bundle Up