" You might not know that sheep have wool coats that continuously grow throughout the year. Many people assume that a sheep’s wool coat is sheared only for financial reasons, but that is not the full story."

" Sheep need to be sheared to keep them healthy and allow them to live comfortably through the changing seasons.."

" Shearing sheep regularly allows veterinarians and sheep owners the chance to spot any skin or body issues that are not visible when the animal is covered in wool.."

" Failing to shear a sheep and letting their wool grow uncontrolled can cause matting or tangling. This can constrict blood flow in their limbs, cause painful sores, and prevent the sheep from moving properly..."

" The actual shearing process is not painful for the sheep; it is the equivalent of shaving and grooming a dog. It is humane and safe for the sheep if it is done properly by an experienced shearer. "