Why do Pygmy Goats have Big Bellies?

Pygmy Goats can have big bellies due to bloating, overeating or pregnancy. Rapid onset of a large belly is cause for concern and a veterinarian should be called for advice.

Pygmy Goats may differ in many areas, including their body weight and how it is stored throughout their bellies. Females are prone to bloating more easily especially if their diet contains high amounts of sodium and fats.

Signs of a bloated goat may include:

* Restlessness * Loss of Appetite * Extended belly towards the left side * Pain in the abdominal region

Some signs of an overweight goat include

* Increased appetite * Large abdominal area * Overfeeding

There is no need to worry about your goat having a large belly. Regardless if this is a result of overeating or just bloating, it is common and natural.