White Goat Breeds

The only goat color that may be as common as white is black. In fact, if you have ever seen a goat before, it was likely white. Check out some white goat breeds

Angora is an old goat breed that originated from Asia Minor. Goats of this breed have a unique appearance with their curly, fibrous, elastic coats.

Angora Goat

Appenzell goats originated from Appenzell, Switzerland. They are a breed kept primarily for dairy purposes.

Appenzell Goat

Danish Landrace goats are native to Denmark. They may be kept as dairy goats or as pets. They may also be bred for their meat.

Danish Landrace

The Russian White Goat is native to Russia. They are highly hardy, and they adapt well to various climates. This breed is primarily kept for dairy.

Russian White Goat