8 Beautiful White Chicken Breeds

There are hundreds of chicken breeds in the world. Each one of these breeds has differing physical, behavioral, and physiological features.

Chickens come in colors like black, white, orange, red, lavender, and many more. In many cases, they might even come with multicolored plumage.

Here are the 8 Chicken breeds with white plumage

The Rhode Island Whites are calm, moderately sized birds. On average, the males weigh 8.5 pounds while the females weigh 6.5 pounds. They are kept for their meat and eggs, and on average, they lay 240-250 eggs per year.

Rhode Island White

White Leghorns are one of the most popular chicken breeds. This breed originated near Leghorn (Livorno) port in Italy. The ancestry of White Leghorn chickens is currently unknown.

White Leghorn