Where To Put Outlets In A Garage?

Designing a garage should be easy right? One of the things I hated the most at my last house was the lack of available outlets in the garage. I spent a lot of time in there and 2 per wall just wasn’t enough.

Garage outlets should be placed in convenient locations with at least one every 6′ on each wall. Take into consideration any plans for a future workbench ahead of time. It is much easier to add outlets during construction than after the walls are all closed up.

Outlet Planning for Woodworking Equipment in the Garage

Most of your general purpose circuits would probably be 20A in a garage but your electrician will help you devise a plan.

Outlet Planning for Metal Working Equipment In the Garage

If you are a metal worker and you plan on working on projects in your garage, you’ll want to make sure you have the electricity available for the equipment you need.

Outlet Planning for TV and Sound in the Garage

You may want to make sure that your media equipment is on isolated circuits so that they aren’t affected as you run your other garage equipment and power tools.