Where Do Ducks Sleep?

"Ducks are flexible when it comes to deciding where to sleep. Some breeds, such as the Mallard, will sleep both on land and on the water. . ."

"Ducks, much like toddlers, need nap times throughout the day. They aren’t fully confined to nighttime sleeping and will utilize the concept of power napping at intervals. . ."

What Does a Duck Sleep  Schedule Look Like?

"But ducks aren’t always sleeping at night, as we do. In fact, they are pretty active nocturnally, moving locations under cover of darkness a lot, especially if the weather is not too severe."

When Do Ducks Sleep?

"Ducks in the wild absolutely catch up on sleeping right on the water. Bopping along at night on their favorite pond, they may have indeed inspired the term “sitting ducks". . ."

Can Ducks Sleep and Swim?