Feed Goats



Gain Weight

"Having the proper nutritional composition and a balanced diet for your goats is the most natural way to keep your goats fattening, alongside improving their health. "

"Though required in small quantities, vitamins are essential for a goat. The vitamins most likely to be deficient in their diet are Vitamins A and D. "


"Grains such as corn and oats are the easiest and quickest way to help your goat to gain weight because they have a high carbohydrate amount.  "


"For meat goats, 7% crude protein is the required minimum. Oats and corn, among other grains, have high levels of protein and energy essential for weight gain in goats. "


"Goats also get all the nutrients they need when they freely browse. Pasture and other forages like hay and brush are good for your goat’s rumen. "

Grass and Forage

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