What Do Baby Quails Eat?

Quails have a reputation for being one of the harder birds to raise domestically. One of the most important things to take care of before you get baby quails is to figure out what they’re going to eat.

Quails are a populous bird in the United States. In the wild, baby quails will eat a ton of seeds and grains, when available. They’ll also munch on berries, nuts, and insects when they have to take what’s around them.

Quails love seeds, but their penchant for bugs also makes them a popular choice for landowners who want to get rid of ticks and other insects on their property. Baby quails are indeed a lot more fragile than chicks or ducklings.

In addition to getting the feed and water right, there are other things you need to do for your baby quails to keep them happy and healthy. One of the biggest mistakes new owners make is not keeping them warm enough.

Most people will go with the common quail breeds because they are affordable and easy to find. For example, a lot of people who raise quails buy baby Bobwhite Quails. These birds are great for egg production, meat, or if you want to hunt quail on your land.