Ways to Tell If


is Bad

Green Curved Line
Green Curved Line

The taste and freshness of salmon cannot be replaced by any other fish. Because of its taste and flavor, salmon has become one of the bestsellers around the world.

But this taste and freshness do not last long and salmon has to be monitored to make sure it’s still good for eating.

1. Raw Salmon

Under normal conditions, raw salmon must be rosy and pink.

A fish having sunken or filmy eyes shows it is not fresh at all. 

2. Cooked Salmon

Having a slimy texture is a clear foul indication. Salmon having a thick and flaky texture is fit for eating.

cooked salmon that has lost its firm texture and turned slimy needs to be thrown away immediately.

3. Cured Salmon

If you find discoloration or the fish is turning greenish then it should not be consumed. Such indications usually appear after being opened and stored for more than 8-10 days.